Neural Dynamics lab

Our lab’s research focuses on the dynamical organization of brain activity in neurological disorders and behavior, using intracranial recordings in human and neurocomputational approaches

Come work with us at @unige_en @Hopitaux_unige ! We @LabNeuron @NeuDyLab are opening a Postdoc position in natural language processing. See the attached image for details.

Imagined speech can be decoded from human intracranial recordings, holding promise for people with severe speech production deficits

@NeuDyLab @labgiraud

Our new paper is out in @NatureComms
: Imagined speech can be decoded from low- and cross-frequency intracranial EEG features

Our new commentary is out in @EBioMedicine: Human multidien rhythms.

A postdoc position is available at the University of Geneva in collaboration with the University of Zurich (within NCCR Evolving Language @NCCR_Language ). For details follow the link: ⬇️

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